Why Sword And Shield Is The Best Pokemon Game Yet

Why Sword And Shield Is The Best Pokemon Game Yet


Pokemon games have been continually released on a regular basis for the past two decades. Sword and Shield is one of the best Pokemon games that has ever been released though. This Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch is more popular than many others that have played before.

Though there is a very similar sense of structure and gameplay to other Pokemon games of the past, you still have an exciting game to play through. You will collect gym badges for the Pokemon League and will be on a quest to be the best Pokemon trainer that is currently in existence. You will want to explore every part of the world in order to unlock many of the quests that are available in this game.

Game Location
Sword and Shield is full of surprises as it is set in a brand new region that is called Galar. Each region in Pokemon games present new sights and intriguing features. This city is based on famous locations throughout Great Britain including London, parts of Scotland and even rural parts of England. There is also English humor found throughout the game, and almost everyone will refer to you as a “mate” in the game.

Design Ideations
This Pokemon game is truly made for the Nintendo Switch. This has allowed there to be much more extensive development into this game, allotting for much more detail in the graphics and a more dynamic style of play. This has allowed Sword and Shield to feel much more believable than previous Pokemon games, especially when you can play on a home console with the Nintendo Switch.

Better Scale
The scale of certain Pokemon in the new Sword and Shield game is much more impressive as well. This has allowed Pokemon that are supposed to be large like Gyarados actually appear large in the game. The “wild area” also helps bring this scale to reality as there is a large space full of wild Pokemon so you really feel as if you never know what will be there when you turn around.

New Battle Locations
The new battle locations in Pokemon Sword and Shield actually make battles feel like a battle. The battle takes place in a stadium that looks as if something from the Premier League, and the stadium is full of fans and spectators. There are even practice battlefields found throughout the map in random locations, giving a sense of depth to the entire story.

Final Thoughts
Overall, Sword and Shield is an easy game just as other Pokemon games have been in the past. It is by far one of the best Pokemon games that is currently available on the market though due to the new and improved graphics, the interesting designs, the much more detailed story and the greater depth to the game. Hopefully, future Pokemon games will continue this positive journey to becoming even better. This exciting game should be on your list of must buy games this year.

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