Best Educational Video Games for Kids Under Twelve

Best Educational Video Games for Kids Under Twelve


With the schools closed, kids will spend most of their time playing online games. After finishing their online lessons, they will use the laptop for entertainment. Parents cannot control this much, but they can enhance online learning by selecting the games they can access. Here are some of the best educational video games for kids under twelve.

Minecraft Blockdown

Minecraft’s Blockdown simulator is a virtual game that teaches kids social distancing as they continue to play. The game is an imitation of the real-life that is happening today. The Minecraft simulation has a Zombie that is infecting villagers with a deadly virus. As the kids play, they get an actual allusion of what is happening today. They learn about the current pandemic and enjoy the Minecraft simulation game.


Children under the age of 12 enjoy games that enable them to conquer various levels, but the game must match their ability. Scribblenauts is made for this age group to test their creativity and language abilities. The game challenges the kids’ logic and problem-solving skills as they make various moves to complete the puzzle.

The player has to collect Starite and evade the crocodiles and wolves. There are helpful solutions like bikes, ropes, and lamps that the player can use. However, the player has to figure out what is best for each situation. It is a mind racking game.

Professor Layton Series

Professor Layton Series is a game that helps kids learn math and problem-solving skills as they enjoy the game. The character, Professor Layton, and his assistant, Luke Triton, always have mysteries that the player has to help them solve.

Kids follow the stories, try to solve the various challenges, and be carried away by the game’s twists. This is a great game to help kids be entertained, while engaging their minds.

Dora the Explorer

Kids like watching Dora the Explorer show and book series. Presently, the book series is available in video games that keep your kids learning about everything and following the fun adventurers to explore nature with Dora.

Dora the Explorer is about Dora, who has a map that she uses to unravel various mysteries that teach kids new words and fun songs. The game is suitable for children as young as four years.

Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy is one of the educational video games that help kids test their abilities to memorize and solve math problems. It encourages young ones to understand various concepts by repeating until they can pass the tests. The game allows them to fail and offer them another chance to try again.

Education video games offer the best solution for the current situation we all face now. Technology is available at home, and internet access helps kids take their online classes. Parents can select educational games and allow their kids to have fun as they learn new ideas. Kids can have fun and acquire new skills as they wait to resume school.

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