Why furReal Interactive Plush Toys Are The Perfect Gift

Why furReal Interactive Plush Toys Are The Perfect Gift


FurReal: A Perfect Gift that Combines Tech and Toys

FurReal Friends is an interactive line of robotic pets from Hasbro that has been pushing the envelope with technology in toys for almost twenty years. These robotic plush animals now cover almost every species imaginable, from puppies and kittens to unicorns and dinosaurs. They also come in a variety of sizes with some being large enough for your child to ride and others being small enough to pack in a backpack. Kids love furReal interactive toys because they act like real pets – making animal sounds, jumping or walking around, and even sleeping and eating. If your child loves animals but is not quite ready for the full responsibility of caring for a living creature, getting your child a furReal friend is a great alternative.

Innovative Technology

FurReal interactive toys utilize state-of-the-art technology to create an exceptional animatronic experience for your child. The design element that sets furReal friends apart from other toys is that the robotic pets are responsive to the movements of your child. The earliest model of a furReal friend was a lap cat that stretched and meowed to wake up when you turned it on and utilized sensors throughout its body to respond to touch and light. The cat would purr if you pet its head or hiss if you pulled its tail. Since then, furReal interactive toys have only continued to get more interactive and realistic.

Responsiveness and Realistic Sounds

With advances in sound and voice recognition technology, furReal friends can respond to commands and sounds. All that technology is hidden beneath a soft, plush exterior to ensure that your child does not feel like they are playing with a robot, but rather that they’re snuggling with a cuddly pet. The responsiveness from the pets is what makes furReal toys a great gift for kids; not only can they engage with the toy, but the toy will engage with them!

Enhanced Interaction

Another aspect of furReal friends that makes them a great gift is that they offer animals that kids normally wouldn’t be able to keep as pets, like unicorns or tigers or bears. Interacting with an exotic or mythical animal expands your child’s imagination and gives them hours of magical play. Some of the furReal friends can even play music in addition to making their normal entertaining noises. Each furReal friend may come with accessories that add to the experience of caring for a pet; from being able to walk the pet on a leash to feeding it with a bottle to dressing it up in clothes, the accessories are a great addition to the furReal pets.

An Affordable Gift

FurReal interactive toys are also an affordably priced gift, with options for every parent’s budget. From the smallest furReal friends Walkalots to the largest premium plush friends, you can evaluate your options to find the toy that works best for your child and for your wallet.

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