5 Must Have Beyblades Right Now

5 Must Have Beyblades Right Now


Japan has brought Beyblades to the world and they have now become of the most popular international games for children. They were popularized through anime, TV shows and other popular Japanese cultural items. They are great for children’s play styles who like to socialize with others and can bring out a sense of competition for all. If you’re not familiar with these toys, below are 5 of the top beyblades your kids need to own.

1. Takara Tomy Beyblade
The Takara Tomy Beyblade, specifically the Burst B-149 GT edition is one of the best on the market that is currently available. It is great for both the defensive and the offensive sides of competition. The outer portions are made from rubber to absorb shock when any other Beyblades hit the toy. The three points in the middle of the toy help the Beyblade to feel quite heavy so that it can hit hard.

2. Takaratomy Beyblade Burst B-115
This Beyblade is one of the toughest that is currently available on the market. Its face is made of metal in part so that it is generically ready to withstand combat. The “bow” in the Hercules disk expand also to make this quite a large Beyblade so that it can overpower others that are in combat. It is important to note that this toy will take hard hits from Beyblades that specialize in attacking.

3. Scythe Khronos
This Beyblade also has a metal top to allow it to be durable in battle and to be quite heavy in attacks. It has a top called the “Eternal Defense Sharp” which will assist the toy in maintaining balance, even when. it is spinning. This Beyblade is also able to be switched to an attack Beyblade so that it can be on the offensive or on the defensive side.

4. Big Bang Pegasus
The Big Bang Pegasus has, first of all, an impressive type of design when looking at the Beyblade. It has six unique parts and is much larger in build than other Beyblades. You can change out the four rings in the middle of this Beyblade in order to give it different features and advantages as well. Finally, it has a “Final Drive system” that enlarges a POM tip in order to increase aggressive efforts.

5. Takara Tomy B-73
The top of the Takara Tomy B-73 is truly unique in that it rotates allowing shock to be absorbed and allowing it to have a sense of attack as well. The ball will also fight on a star platform to allow it greater balance and a quicker spin when battling. This is one to consider if you are looking for a larger Beyblade that is battle-ready no matter the competitor.

Final Thoughts
Japanese culture has brought many beneficial toys and pieces of media to the international world. Beyblades are some of the greatest toys that have come from the Japanese culture, and they will continue to become more popular as time goes on. 

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