Here’s what could mess up your holiday shopping this year — and why you should start early!!

Here’s what could mess up your holiday shopping this year — and why you should start early!!

Technically we are still in the summer months, but this year Americans have the Holidays on our minds! We have been through a lot as a Nation over the last year, with pandemics and contested elections etc.

Most of the consumer data available show that close to 30% of all holiday shoppers plan to get an early start. Some shoppers will start early just because they are super organized and beating the crowds makes life easier for people with this mindset, on the other hand, some people still feel the after effects of the pandemic and are shopping early because they are not sure that products will be on the shelves, deliveries might not happen on time and some question the supply chain.

Usually the season starts off with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but because of the pandemic, more shoppers opted to shop online last year because of safety concerns and that trend has not slowed down. Price slashing started at the Beginning of November last year, which was music to most bargain hunter’s ears!

Because the pandemic is still here, there is still uncertainty about how stores will handle their shopping hours and what the requirements will be for in store shopping.  Supply chain worries create anxiety, because no parent wants to miss out on that must-have toy!

Now that we are dealing with the delta variant, early shopping makes sense for a few reasons.  Naturally, starting early gives us the best advantage when it comes to finding the best prices. It will give you the best chance to compare prices and get the most out of your dollar with little pressure. Starting early will also cancel out any supply chain worries.  Most Americans are still affected by the country running out of toilet paper and water, so that same anxiety exists for holiday shoppers as well.

Now, there are some risks when shopping early in the season and that risk is overbuying.  We must make sure that the advantage of shopping early doesn’t overwhelm us and create financial hardships while your heart is in the right place! Never the less, inventory and supply chain concerns will be the biggest reason why shoppers will get an early start this year.  If there is something that you really want, don’t take a gamble this year by waiting for a discount or getting a bargain. If you really value a product and you see it available, the smartest thing to do this year is grab when you see it, especially when it comes to toys! The issues with the supply chain are scary enough, but the true wild card this year will be consumer demand. Keep an eye on what toy you want to buy this year and buy them ASAP.  So, on behalf of everyone here at have a happy and safe holiday and thanks for stopping by!

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