4 Mobile Chargers that Keep You Charged Up No Matter Where You Are

4 Mobile Chargers that Keep You Charged Up No Matter Where You Are


Cell phones changed the world, and they keep on changing it too. One thing that they lack is enough power to go all day long. Even the most powerful phones run out of juice too soon. Mobile chargers came to the scene just a few years ago to pick up the slack. At first, they were clunky, low-powered, and ironically took forever to charge themselves! Now, however, solar-powered chargers and improvements in technology have made mobile chargers an invaluable accessory for anyone on the go. Check out four of the best mobile chargers below.

1. Anker PowerCore Slim 10000
With thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, this powerful, thin mobile charger feels like a sure thing. One caveat: this mobile charger only works with USB type-C cables and chargers. Since type-C is becoming the standard for every new cell phone, this should only be of caution if the phone being charged is more than two years old. Other than that, this is a powerful, fast charging power pack that has almost no downside!

2. Hilucky Outdoor Portable Power Pack
Solar-powered chargers are great for mobile charging, and this one is an absolute tank. It’s a bit bulky, but that’s only because of how much power it boasts. This solar powered charger can handle not only your phone, but even a big battery tablet. Another major plus are the four solar panels; these keep away the pesky need to charge a charger. It’s also got over 6 thousand positive reviews on Amazon, dating back three years, which says a lot about quality.

3. AINOPE 10000mAh LED Display Mini Portable Charger
Bigger isn’t always better, especially when you need portability and convenience. This mobile charger is one of the smallest on the market, but it doesn’t hold back in power or charging capability. In fact, it has enough oomph to charge two devices at once! While it may not have the power of its bigger cousins, the AINOPE Mini is a big boost to a phone’s battery life. There’s one feature, though, that sets this mobile charger apart from others aside from its compact size. It features an LED power screen that shows the exact percentage of battery remaining, rather than just a set of three or four power bars. If you’re in need of big power in a light package, the AINOPE Mini is a great choice!

4. FKANT Solar Charger
This solar-powered charger, while not quite as big as the Hilucky, has a ton of power and a ton of features. It’s got enough juice to keep a phone or tablet charged all day. Additionally, the ability to leave something at home is always welcome, and that means the wireless charging feature on this device is enough to make it worth the price. Not only that, an LED flashlight is built into the charger, making it an even more convenient choice for longer trips, camping, or hiking. It hasn’t been around as long as some mobile chargers, but the reviews on Amazon are impeccable- literally. 100% of the reviews for the FKANT solar-powered charger are five stars!

Mobile and solar-powered chargers are an incredibly valuable tool for people who are on the go. The four chargers in this article are powerful, portable, and boast their own unique features and great online reputations. If you constantly find yourself looking for the nearest outlet, consider making a change and getting a high-energy mobile charger!

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