Which Brand Is Better – Samsung or LG Smart TVs?

Which Brand Is Better – Samsung or LG Smart TVs?


Samsung and LG Smart TVs are two of the top names in the market right now. With the newest versions, you can expect the latest specs, better visuals and even larger sizes. It is important to consider what you are looking for in determining which Smart TV, Samsung or LG, is best for you. 

About the Smart TVs
Samsung and LG both sell Smart TVs with a variety of price ranges so that they have Smart TVs that fit every budget. Each TV that is made by either company has its own features though to ensure it outranks the previous. Samsung and LG are both based out of South Korea, and both have a massive international market. Both sell some of the most basic LED TVs and some of the most extensive 4K Smart TVs in a variety of shapes and sizes. These two companies have been in competition for a while though. 

Smart TV Platforms
Samsung and LG each have their own unique Smart TV platforms that are utilized for internet connectivity. LG utilizes webOS which is very minimalistic in design and in user interface. You can choose the apps that you want to utilize and place them on your dashboard, some of which are able to be made into folders. Samsung utilizes Tizen which has a very simple form, but it does have a strong search capability so you can find the shows and what you want. LG also has Google Assistant built in which Samsung has along with its own Bixby built into the platform. 

Panel Options
OLED panels are made to allow television sets to emit their own light sources so that you as the customer can control the brightness, and you will see vibrant colors throughout. LG is currently the only company that manufactures these OLED functions. QLED, however, is a platform for panels that was created by Samsung and used by this other company. QLED utilizes quantum dotting in order to create colors and to enforce brightness in the television set. Though the two types of technologies are extremely different, they each are continually improving to give you the best quality. 

High Dynamic Ranges
LG utilizes Dolby Vision for its HDR viewing purposes as it offers OLEDs and Super UHDs. Samsung utilizes HDR10+ for its HDR viewing. Dolby Vision is actually much more advanced than HDR10+ as it has a 12-bit color gamut which is more than the 10-bit created by HDR10+. You should only consider the HDR formatting if you are thinking about spending significant amount of money on your next Samsung or LG Smart TV though, but these preferences are your own to make. 

Final Thoughts
Samsung and LG each have their own features that are important to look for when shopping for Smart TVs. If you are looking for one of the top household names in televisions though, you will not go wrong with one of these top quality brand names. 

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