Time To Upgrade Your Home Wi-Fi With These Routers And Repeaters

Time To Upgrade Your Home Wi-Fi With These Routers And Repeaters


The quality of your wireless experience at home has likely come into clear focus this year with the pandemic forcing virtually the entire world into their homes. This new reality forced us to be much more reliant upon home wi-fi than we ever had been in the past. This situation has created an opportunity for all of us to upgrade the hardware in our home that can allow your home wi-fi to thrive. The key to the upgrade is to understand that routers and repeaters drive the quality of wi-fi in your home and not your telecommunications company like AT&T OR Verizon. Most people point directly at their internet provider when diagnosing slow internet speeds, but the reality is that they are likely delivering the speeds that you are paying for each month. It therefore becomes critical to understand the roles of routers and repeaters in your home.

Wi-fi routers are networking devices that essentially are the traffic directors of the internet that is coming into your house. The information coming from the internet is transmitted in the form of a data packet. It is a router’s duty to unpack that data and deliver it to your laptop, TV, tablet or mobile device. This is an incredibly important function and one that has a large impact on the way that you experience the internet. People often don’t look at a wi-fi router as an important device that has a bearing on their internet experience, but the reality is that routers are an integral piece of the internet effectiveness puzzle.

You can upgrade your router experience simply by moving it into a different spot of your house. Try taking it out of the closet so that its cables aren’t tangled or worn down in any way. You can also choose to change out the hardware that you currently have if you are willing to make the investment in technology. One example of a premium router is NetGear’s AC1750 dual band wi-fi router that will give you an immediate boost over your telecommunications company provided hardware. There are many other types of models that will run you anywhere from $50-$500 depending upon the functionality that you want. Think of a new router purchase as an investment in your internet experience to justify the upfront expense.

After you have upgraded your router, the next step to improving your wi-fi experience it to determine if you need wi-fi repeaters in your house. These repeaters essentially give you an ability to stretch your current wireless experience throughout your house to alleviate those dreaded dead spots. NetGear’s and TP-Link’s N300 models are good examples of products that can be purchased at an affordable price point of $20. There are many options that are available in the repeater space that range from $10-$200. Your own need will very much depend on the size and shape of your house as well as where you need your internet delivered. The best starting point for a repeater upgrade is to go around the house with your laptop or phone and document the differing internet speeds. Place a repeater in the area where your internet speed is the lowest and you will see an immediate different in your home wi-fi quality in that location. 

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