Top 10 Best Selling Cameras This Year

Top 10 Best Selling Cameras This Year


When it comes to picking out a great camera, the number of options you must choose from can be mind-numbingly overwhelming. If you were to walk into any electronics store and take a look at the camera section, then you would be confronted by dozens upon dozens of models to chose from, and the prospect of deciding which one would be best to suit your needs can be daunting, to say the least. That is why this list of the top 10 best camera models for 2020 was created. It is here to provide you an easy to digest and understand guide for picking out the absolute best camera possible. So, here are the top 10 camera models so far this year and what each one has to offer. Each has its own characteristics, so be sure you make yourself a checklist of the features that are most important to you so you can easily figure out which of these 10 options meets every one of your various needs and desires as your next camera.

#10) Sony A7 III:
This is a great introductory model camera that hits that sweet spot between ease of use and advanced features. It would work great as a novice photographer’s first professional-grade camera or as a professional photographer’s daily use camera. As the third iteration of the Sony A7, this 24.2 MP resolution camera can shoot an amazing burst speed of 10 frames per second and has a super long battery life for a camera of this class that can take a whopping 710 images on a single battery charge. Plus, it has a variety of professional-grade features such as sensor-based image stabilization and a 693 point hybrid auto-focus that make it possible to shoot amazing quality photos even for those with less than perfectly steady hands. Plus, with its 3-inch tilt-angle touchscreen you can control all your still image photography as well as take amazing 4k video. In all, it is a wonderful option for anyone to use as their main or backup camera and you really cannot go wrong with this model from Sony.

#9) Canon G9 X Mark II:
Coming in at a much more budget-friendly price range, the G9 is still a top contender for being one of the best camera models available today. It features 5 different operating modes that let you control every single aspect of the camera’s functions using the twistable lens bevel. This camera has everything you would expect from a photographic household name like Canon. This is a nice compact model that can easily be carried around in a pocket of pants or a jacket. It features a simple touchscreen interface that is very intuitive and great for novice photographers while it also has enough advanced features to keep the more professional photographers entertained. The G9 X Mark II has both WiFi and also Bluetooth capabilities for transferring or sharing photos with any computer or cell phone. So, you can easily and very quickly post your photos straight to social media or send them to your friend who is there with you as you take the pictures. The DIGIC 7 processor is super snappy and fixes all the problems the first version of this model had.

8) Fujifilm XT-4:
This is another medium to a high-end camera that offers some astonishing features that set it apart. It was manufactured by another powerhouse name in photo technology that has been around and releasing new innovative products into the field of photography for decades now, Fujifilm. For absolute industry-leading performance, this 21 MP camera features an APS-C sensor with reliable autofocus that creates amazing still photographs and even more stunning 4k video with its additional in-body image stabilization (IBIS) feature. This camera has a great battery life for the level of performance it offers, and you get an average of around 500 images per fully charged battery. In addition to this, you can take rapid shot photos at a stunning maximum continuous shooting rate of 15 frames per second (FPS) with the mechanical shutter active or up to 30 FPS using the electronic shutter. While it is flying through these photos, you can watch the images it is taking on the fully articulating 3-inch touchscreen and control a whole host of additional options that control your image quality including filters, manually setting f-stop and aperture size, as well as many other options that give you complete control over the images you are capturing.

7) Fujifilm X-T200:
Another great camera from Fujifilm is the X-T200. It is a much more budget-friendly option for those shutterbugs looking for a great entry-level camera that will allow them to grow and learn as photographers for many years while at the same time is a great option for professional shutterbugs to play with as a daily use camera too. This camera is a great all-around camera that is as stylish as it is performance-based. There are three different finishes for the camera body to choose from and you can pick regular silver, dark silver, or champagne gold; all three of which are very classy and attractive while being simultaneously easy on the eyes and flashy. The body housing has a rough pebble finish and deep grip holds for premium grip that offers a lot of support. This makes the camera feel good and solid in your hands, even with a large telephoto lens on it. Once you pick your favorite colored body you can begin to focus in on all the amazing performance features this camera has including a mode dial, EVF, front and rear control dials, a humongous flip-out viewfinder with an eight-way joystick to control all the various functions the camera lets you control, and so much more that you will have a wonderful time discovering for yourself as you learn the cameras many capabilities.

6) Leica M-10R:
An absolute top-of-the-line professional camera that anyone of any photography skill level can use to take stunning still photos with an incredible image resolution of 40 MP. It is an expensive model that is only for those who are serious about their colorful still image photographs because it is cost-prohibitive for many but is an absolutely amazing model camera that no list of the best would be complete without. Leica is known for its top of the line camera models and the M-10R is no exception to that rule. It has a super-strong magnesium body with dense upper and lower brass plates. This means the camera has a little bit of heft to it, but because of its ultra-compact design, it is not all that heavy. Instead, it has just enough weight to allow for great control which couples well with the in-view level and optical rangefinder focus. The focus, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed all have manual controls; while the shutter speed and ISO also have an auto setting that picks the most premium settings for the image you are trying to capture. In the viewfinder, you will see an area in the middle of your image that will appear as a double image when the shot is not in focus and the two images will come together into one when you have focused the shot perfectly. This is just the beginning of all that this camera has to offer, and that is not surprising for a camera that costs as much as a relatively new used car. So, if you have the money and are looking for the absolute best, then this is your camera model.

5) Leica Q2:
Coming in at around half the price of the top-of-the-line M-10R but still jam-packed with special features is what sets this model apart from the crowd. It features a high-resolution full-frame image sensor and super-fast and accurate autofocus that when paired together allow you to take the absolute best image possible with the least amount of thinking or effort on your part. So, if you want a more point-and-shoot type model of a camera but a high-end model as well, then this is your camera. It is perfect for those who take photography seriously and can be a great addition to any professional’s arsenal, like a wedding photographer or mobile/studio portrait photographer. Both of these types of photographers can get some amazing images from the Q2 by Leica. The image stabilization feature paired with the ultra-bright and sharp lens just adds to the quality of images that this model can capture. Then, to round this camera off, it features IP52 weatherproofing, WiFi capabilities, and it takes 4k video. All of this adds to the value of this amazing camera model and is about what you should expect from a camera of this price.

4) Nikon D850:
The Nikon D850 is the top choice camera model for many professional photographers for a variety of reasons. It is a very well rounded model that can do so many different things that you need to read the manual to get into every single aspect of this incredible camera, but we will try and introduce you to it here. First, it has a full-frame 45.7 MP image sensor that is paired with a 153 point auto-focus that allows this camera to take stunning photographs in full color with an ultra-high-resolution that is always in perfect focus. This makes this camera worth every penny of its mediocrely large price tag. While it is nowhere near the Leica models, it is packed with just as many amazing features like a wide ISO range and a large optical viewfinder that allows you to preview and frame your still images as well as 4k video. Or you can preview your images through the amazingly sharp touchscreen LCD, and you can easily crop the photo as you see fit using either of these two preview methods. This is just the start of all the wonderful aspects of this amazing offering from Nikon and the Bluetooth plus WiFi capabilities allow you to share every image and video you take with the world very simply and quickly.

3) Canon EOS RP:
As a budget-conscientious offering from this amazing brand name camera manufacturer, the EOS RP is packed with all the right features that a great camera needs to have and a couple of extras that make it the perfect option for those on a budget who still want a great camera that will take amazing quality still images and 4k video as well. It is a compact camera that is lightweight and can easily be carried in a pocket or purse and taken anywhere you go with ease. For those that can’t handle the ultra-compactness of this model, there is a grip extender that adds just enough to the height and depth of the camera without adding much weight at all. It also still allows you to access the tripod mount and battery compartment easily without having to take the extender off and put it back on like you have to do with some other similar setups. The EOS RP camera comes in three finishes of straight black, or black with blue or red accents that add a little pizzazz to your camera and make it more personal when it matches your visual preferences. For performance features, it has quick autofocus that gets the perfect image every time. It is also equipped with macro-stacking and time-lapse functions for all your different kinds of image and photo projects, no matter what they include this camera can handle them.

2) Nikon Z6:
The Z6 by Nikon is a relatively affordable camera option that comes with a 24 MP resolution. This model camera is amazing and is fully compatible with Nikon’s entire line of Nikkor SLR lenses, so you have a huge range of options to choose from when it comes to adding different lenses for capturing different types or angles of images and 4k video. This model features a 90 percent autofocus coverage that keeps the entire frame in focus when adjusting to the perfect image settings. This means that not just the focal point of an image is in perfect focus, but the surrounding image is as well, which makes for some incredible image capabilities. Also, it has in-body stabilization with powerful EVF built-in to the system of this camera that just adds to this ability to take the perfect still image along with ultra-high-quality 4k video. The housing was made to be dust and splash-proof, so you can confidently take this camera with you everywhere you go and capture every memorable moment of your life to share with friends and family through social media using the camera’s built-in Bluetooth and WiFi abilities.

1) Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III:
The Olympus brand has been known for its quality camera builds for nearly a century now. They have been making some of the best cameras on the market for a solid 84 years now and have no intentions of slowing down and this E-M1 Mark III is a perfect example of that focused drive towards greatness. The camera features two TruePic VIII processors for amazingly fast and powerful processing speeds and image capture capabilities. It does live-action shots amazingly well using its Intelligent Subject Detect feature that picks out the subject you are trying to focus on even when that subject is in motion and actively moving. Plus, it allows for some super-high-resolution image captures at 50 MP and even up to 60 MP in some setting modes. This is incredible and unheard of for this price range. This makes it blow other model cameras like many of those from Panasonic and other brands out of the water. The brand new Face/Eye AF and StarrySky algorithms allow for some incredible focus on the subjects you want like catching the face of a person even from side angle views because it recognizes facial shapes and focuses the shot right on the eyes of your subject making their face come to life. Then the StarrySky algorithm lets you take all those wonderful astrophotography shots of the night sky that are so difficult to capture with the majority of cameras. That is not the case with the E-M1 Mark III because with this camera it is not only possible to capture great images of celestial objects but also this camera makes it easy and simple to do so. Our final camera model to this list came down to a competition between this and the Panasonic Lumix G100, but there have not been enough people trying out that camera to make a great review of it, so while we have very high hopes for that model, we will leave that for future lists. 

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