Apps And Software To Modify Your Photos If You Don’t Know Photoshop

Apps And Software To Modify Your Photos If You Don’t Know Photoshop


While the quality of photos on social media soars, it is becoming more and more important to understand how to modify your photos. Many people rely on the capabilities of Photoshop but even with a dedicated teacher it can be expensive and take hours to learn how to use it well. Below are five of the best apps and online software that you can use to make your photos look even better.

1. Pixlr
If your chosen photo needs nothing more than a small tweak, this app is both intuitive and can give you the results that you want for free. As well as simple borders and filters, this software allows you to layer the photo with another and even change the appearance of objects captured in the shot. If there is an aspect of your photo that you want to really stand out, Pixlr offers a pixelation tool that will allow you to easily accomplish this.

3. PicMonkey
PicMonkey is one of those apps that can make big changes to your image without requiring a lot of time. This software is especially good for enhancing portraiture, featuring tools to whiten teeth, smooth blemishes and even out the color of a photo. As well as change your image, you can add your own logos and stickers to make your photo say anything you desire. Use the overlay tool to add attractive elements like a banner or clip art to modify your photos.

3. Vsco
Many people enjoy the filters and presets that Instagram offers, but this software offers you a whole lot more. Modify your photos by adding a filter or adding a fun image to it. This software includes preset files for many different camera brands so it is crucial for those using professional equipment. You can enhance the saturation of different colors to modify your photos in a unique and pleasing way.

4. iPiccy
From small changes like altering some colors to a large overhaul of the entire image, iPiccy lets you use a lot of tools to change the orientation of a photo, crop it or even resize the photo entirely. While Photoshop requires you to do all of these things manually, iPiccy will automate the process, making it much easier to accomplish. You can instantly modify your photos rather than spend a lot of time getting the effect that you want.

5. GNU Image Manipulation Program
This software, also called GIMP, is an open-source software that professional photographers can make changes to. This form of maintenance gives it the most useful tools that you can use to touch up a photo. While it can be used to create dazzling effects, it is especially good at converting a photo from color to black-and-white or sepia tones. It is an intuitive, easy to use apps that can give you professional results. 

Some of these apps take a little while to learn how to use, they are still much easier than trying to learn Photoshop. With a little practice you will have professional looking photos in no time.

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